Allegion’s portfolio of mechanical and electro-mechanical solutions, coupled with our plastic and mobile credentials, help institutions secure their complex campuses. 

Our products are designed to work with a variety of access control systems and credentials. This helps you leverage your existing investment and makes deploying new access control technologies seamless. 

From student housing and academic buildings to administrative buildings and sports complexes, Allegion offers solutions that balance security with operational efficiencies, while enhancing the student and staff experience with door access.  


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Allegion consultants are experts in securing your campus. From student residence halls to academic buildings to administrative offices, we can help identify the right security solutions to fit with your campus technologies including:


Access control coordination to align existing technologies with open architecture solutions to provide a seamless campus card experience. 


Help you standardize on solutions and products across your campus to streamline costs and drive consistency throughout your buildings.


Assess your campus/building for compliance with current codes, ADA, and lockdown capabilities and make suggestions for improving school security.


Assist with layered security approach to key control, combining standard open security with restricted solutions to provide you total control of your campus.


Architectural consulting and specifications for new construction and renovation projects. 



All in on Allegion.

"As an institution that values innovation, it’s important to us that we are always adapting to the way students use technology to enhance the campus experience. Being able to access the VolCard on your mobile device is another way UT is continuously improving to meet expectations for a modern campus."

- Chris C, Senior Vice Chancellor Finance and Administration at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville