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OHC100 Series Closers

These overhead concealed closers are designed for a neat aesthetic while still providing durability and reliability.

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The OHC100 Series closer fits inside a standard aluminum frame header and the cast iron construction provides enhanced security. It offers 2 size options and matches the Jackson hole pattern for easy retrofit. It is designed for interior and exterior use with aluminum doors and frames. It is ideal for retail installations, restaurants, libraries, offices and medical clinics.

The OHC100 Series has a cast iron body and fits inside a standard aluminum frame header. Its use with aluminum frames and doors makes for maintenance-free performance. The series is UL10C fire rated, meets the American Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance and meets ANSI A117.1. The OHC100 Series also comes with a 5-year warranty. 

Body construction

  • Cast iron design
  • 90° and 105° standard opening with optional hold-open
  • Fits inside the standard aluminum frame header

Quality and durability

  • 5-year warranty
  • Maintenance-free performance
  • Hold-open option available


  • Matches the Jackson hole pattern for retrofitting
  • Used with aluminum frames and doors
  • Adjustable spring sizes
  • OHC100 adjustable sizes 1-3
  • OHC101 adjustable sizes 3-5
  • UL10C fire rated (OHC100 and OHC101 Series without hold-open)
  • Meets ADA compliance (OHC100 Series)
  • Meets ANSI A117.1 (OHC101 Series)
  • Aluminum and dark bronze finishes are available to order
  • View the catalog to see all design and finish options

Visit the Falcon Door Controls Catalog for complete OHC100 Series mounting details, arm options and accessories.


  • Standard cylinder
  • Hold-open cylinder


  • “S” arm, OHC100-SL, OHC100A-SL
    • Non-handed arm
    • Side load
    • Center hung
    • Steel forge
  • “A” arm, OHC100-EL, OHC100A-EL
    • Non-handed arm
    • End load
    • Center hung
    • Steel forge
  • “VO” arm, OHC100-VO, OHC100A-VO
    • Non-handed arm
    • Offset arm with slide channel
    • Steel forge

Falcon Door Controls catalog

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